Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hide Your Daughters, Pullman Empty Arena, Pt. 2 (WSU -7.5)

Game Projection


Oregon St.


Washington St.


Projected High-Scorer
Klay Thompson (WAST) 25.4 pts

Live Betting Predictions

Point Spread

AccuScore Probability

Oregon State +7.5


Washington State -7.5



Over / Under

AccuScore Probability

OVR 128.5


UND 128.5



Money Line

AccuScore Probability

Oregon State +285


Washington State -325



It'll be nice to get back to complaining about basketball instead of complaining over blown calls. Oregon State is a solid team that we match up with very well. While Oregon presented several defensive matchup problems, we've proven to break down both types of zones the Beavers run effectively. Klay should be able to shoot right over the top of it, and we have enough good passers to get them out of position. I would guess Capers gets the task of guarding Calvin Haynes, and Nik and Abe will switch off guarding Schaftenaar. Our key defensively will be keeping Deane and the rest off the boards. Last year, Deane killed us on the offensive glass and was the reason we lost (!!!) this game last season. While Oregon scared me with potential matchup problems, I think we will dictate this game entirely. If our shooting is on, we run away with this one.