Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuck you, Tony Bennett. Fuck you in the ear.

So here goes the drunken rant that has always been promised in the tagline: Fuck Tony Bennett.

Anyone who says "Thanks for the memories, Tony" can also go fuck themselves. I don't want to hear any of that shit.

WSU fans aren't exactly new to having coaches leave for greener pastures... i still remember Mike Price leaving for Alabama in 2002 and just happy that he didn't go to UCLA. The difference was Price actually left a sustainable program behind (that Doba promptly turned into 650-SAT-university).

The two main similarities were that both coaches prided themselves on not being part of the NCAA establishment. We felt with both coaches that they weren't hired guns, looking for the next big paycheck. Tony liked to use the foundation of his father's house as a freaking recruiting tool. But fool me once....

So is it our fault for believing Tony when he said the money didn't matter? I mean, he was pulling in seven Pullman. Not only a city where it's cheap to live, but I'm assuming he didn't pay for a single dinner at the Hilltop either. We were paying him well, he kept talking about how he was a different coach than the typical college head-man, and proved it by turning down Michigan, LSU and Indiana. he RAN pullman, and would've had unconditional support for however long he wanted to stay. Which makes the move to Virginia so puzzling. if he had gone to Kentucky or Indiana, we would've understood....been mad, but understood....but Virginia? Does Ralph Sampson have eligibility left? If he has 2 bad years there, is his dad going to have to come out of retirement to take the Long Beach State job?

This leaves us with the other part: sustainability. We have none. We're a 2-year flash in the pan, and 1 year hang-on (this team almost reminds me of last year, except we suck) type year. I always knew tony would leave eventually, but the way he talked, I thought he wanted to leave a sustainable legacy the way his father left at Wisconsin.

Bennett left us with 12 Freshmen and Sophomores....that are all suited for Bennett-ball. whee!

So now, we are stuck without a coach, and the new coach is not going to have any flexibility for the next 3 years. Who are we going to get with that kind of offer? Can Paul Graham come back?

I'll be sitting here waiting for the news of Klay's transfer back to USC and Casto's request to play for Gonzaga any day now.

Jim Sterk deserves some blame here too. I'm not sure how much yet, but I'll hold off until the whole story comes out. to be honest, from what I've read over the last 2 years, I don't know if i've ever seen an AD bend over backwards for a coach the way Sterk has.

Until then, I'll say Fuck You Tony Bennett. if other people want to remember you for the sweet 16 last year, I'll counter that by remembering how you lost to Oregon State at home.


Anonymous said...

I agree.


I'm pissed. I have a signed team poster that makes me want to puke because it has TB on it. Maybe I'll just cover his traitorous face.

Anonymous said...

The Hoo fan base is shocked with the hire. We had three top tier coaches in cue and no one is happy with the hire. Even if Bennett breaks .500, he's going to leave Virginia. This whole situation sucks shit.
- class of 87

Anonymous said...

F-basketball in this state.

Anonymous said...

BigBallaJ says...

There's still room on the Romar bandwagon!